the cupid clip 2021


One of my most successfully received pieces, ‘The Cupid Clip’, was completed in early 2021 prior to Valentines Day celebrations, with self love and self care in mind. It consists of the Bow & Arrow near side (left) & Cupid on the off side (right). The clip was completed completely freehand and was actually unplanned other than me setting time aside to actually do it. By this I mean, on this occasion I didn’t sketch any prior plans for the design or develop concept ideas, which are steps in the design process that I use for some of the more intricate full body creative clips. I did this clip with self love being in the very forefront of my mind. Love for self is imperative to any true happiness within…… ‘self love is not selfish‘.

Somehow, the unplanned clips take on a life force of their own, despite no planning. I think this somehow helps the creative process flow from its ‘essence’, being completely uninterrupted. The hardest part is often, getting out of my own way. 

The Cupid Clip is worn by a fabulous little Connemara mare by the name of ‘Dove’. Her white coat carries the purity of the message flawlessly. 


Lancashire, United Kingdom

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