Some answers to your most frequently asked horse clipping questions are below

Which clippers do you use?

The number one question of all time has to be this one! And this is my reply; Each horse is treated as an individual and so will be clipped with clippers and blades that best suit there coat type. For this reason I use several different ones both corded and cordless, A2 and A5. You can get a detailed downloadable document of the best clippers and blades I recommend for different coat types & horses in The Budding Horse Barber Membership package


Do you do traditional clipping or is it just creative?

First and foremost the basis of everything I do is for the horses well being and comfort, and this all began with traditional clipping methods. Traditional clipping will always underpin everything I do and I will ALWAYS do both traditional and creative horse clipping, I love both styles and each has its unique place in the horse clipping industry. 

Do you have online courses?

I absolutely do! I will be publishing the link for you to join The Budding Horse Barbers membership which includes core course content in JULY 2023! Just around the corner. 

Do the horses not get cold after you have clipped them?

Fear not! I can assure you that we keep our horses warm and toasty and they receive the upmost care to keep them warm after we clip them, by using an array of rugs , please watch the following video where I explain about the rugs and the rugging process. 



Which area do you cover?

I am based in the North West of England and I clip horses across this area, I do however travel across the country to give demonstrations and deliver training seminars as well as 1-1 training days for keen budding horse barbers.


I also visit America for demonstrations and will be back there in November 2023.





Can I learn from you in person

Yes! I do 1-1 training day sessions so this might be something to consider if you would like to learn how to clip or improve on your existing skills. There is nothing quite like actual physical clipping practice and getting hours behind you with the clippers. I can come to you and your horse, or it may be possible for me to arrange a horse for you to come and learn with. 


Why do you do creative clipping?

For me it is very much about enhancing the clipping experience & bringing to life other peoples visions, making horses & people happy. I add a creative spin because it comes very naturally to me, I am artistic and often find that people feel inspired by it. At the same time it isn’t hurting the horse in fact the creative clipping process requires me to form a connection and bond with the horse and build up a high level of trust, so is super beneficial for the horses confidence building and trust when it comes to clipping. In essence it only adds to raising the bar for horse clipping, as you could not achieve a creative clip without a high level of clipping professionalism leading unto it. Lastly, each clip has a message behind it – you can find more in The Clip Collection.

Have you ever been injured clipping horses?

Touch wood I can say the answer is no, not to date. However, I always say to people, ‘it’s only one kick away’ and I keep that at the forefront of my mind, always. I am very safety conscious and have preventative measures in place to minimise the risk. However, as with all aspects of horse handling, it can come at any moment so it is important not to get complacent and not to get over confident. Even the most experienced horse handlers and riders can find themselves on the receiving end of nasty kicks. Especially competent horse handlers, as we handle horses so often/regularly, that the risk is ever present.

My best advise is; don’t ever let your guard down & become complacent, always keep your attention on the horse infront of you. You can also find a deeper look into the preventative measures I follow in The Budding Horse Barber Content, due this  July, so keep your eyes peeled for that.  

My horse is scared of clipping! What can I do?

Confidence building is a delicate but rewarding and completely achievable approach for the young and nervous horse. Some horses are scared because of past experience that has left them with bad memories and a negative association with the clipping experience. Other horses are nervous because its something new and need a quiet and reassuring build up session, taking it at their pace. The key is to identify which you are dealing with and proceed with an action plan from there. This is something I cover in my Confidence Building Course which I highly recommend for rehabilitating the nervous horse or starting with a youngster. 


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Do you ever work with sedated horses?

Yes, I work with horses who require sedating when every other avenue has been exhausted and I feel it is safer for both the horse and handler.

I ask that horses are not sedated without discussing this with me first, prior to my arrival. The most dangerous thing someone can do is sedate their horse and not tell me. It has happened to me before. Luckily I am quite good at spotting the signs however I do ask that all clients are honest with me. It is very likely that I will still work with your horse but I have a way of doing things that works for me and honesty is imperative, to move forward with your clipping requirements and the safety of all involved. 







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