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Who is The Horse Barber ? 

‘Est 2012’

Melody Hames, is the name behind ‘The Horse Barber’ Brand. She is the UKs first Horse Clipping Educator and brings professionalism and education to the Equestrian clipping industry – raising the bar and creating a higher standard of horse clipping. Her vision moving forward is to further expand on her brand and ‘Inspiring Professionalism Within The Equestrian Clipping Industry’. 

Melody helps keen equestrians go from feeling overwhelmed & daunted when it comes to clipping their horses, or horse handling in general, to confident and assertive in their approach, by developing their knowledge of horse clipping practices & overall horsemanship skills. These are key ingredients and the very foundation for a successful partnership between horse and owner in both clipping practices and day to day life.

The Horse Barber service is a concept created by Melody. Her equestrian clipping business was born in 2012 during her time at University.

‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ is what they say, and finding a source of income, at that time, was an absolute necessity! The business was born in time of need and it has more than surpassed itself, from the seed that it was. 

Melody has challenged the status quo of equestrian clipping as we know it. She has changed the face of traditional clipping methods to bring a new life to the horse clipping industry, using her unique approach and passion for her craft and taking creative clipping into mainstream media.

How did Melody’s passion and experience clipping horses all begin?

Melody began clipping horses at the age of just 9 years old in the mid 90’s. She has a passion for horses as well as a passion for Art and Design, She Graduated from the University of Salford with a BA Hons Degree Graphic Design degree in 2015.

She is self taught and began clipping her Connermara pony who suffered from cushings disiese , to assist his comfort and wellbeing. 20 years later she has become the first horse clipper from the UK to offer her creative and traditional horse clipping skills in the form of education and training, as an equine clipping educator, both nationally and internationally, Melody has showcased her horse clipping techniques in the USA alongside renowned American clipper company Andis for 2 years running 2017 – 2018 and continues to deliver the first of its kind equine clipping education in the United Kindgom.

Melodys passion and unique approach to her craft quickly gained the attention of media world wide, in the from of both online and print press, magazines, blogs and newspapers as well as TV publications including CNN news in the US.

Hard work pays off

Melody has brought her input into the horse clipping industry and influenced horse clipping as we know it today, with her concept ‘the horse barber’ approach. Melody identified a need for education and training in the industry of horse clipping and is the first to offer her experience and style of training into the United Kingdom. Creative clipping is becoming more and more widely accepted and awareness of horse clipping benefits is at an all time high. Melody offers a different approach to horse clipping as has previously been known, largely due to her passion for craft, horsemanship skills, knowledge and understanding of different horses and coat types as well as a passion for art and design. All of this has helped her to identifiy new and better ways for the future of clipping horses safely and effectively, as well as creatively.

Melody envisions an improved future of horse clipping and by providing her training, she wishes to create a safer and happier environment during the clipping process, for both horses and their handlers / owners alike.

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