Myerscough College Awards Ceremony 2024

I was thrilled to be Chief Guest and Award presenter for Myerscough’s Croxteth Campus Awards Ceremony this year! Read more about the evening below…

Chief Guest ‘Melody Hames’ 

The Presentation Evening 

I had such a wonderful evening as Chief Guest for Myerscough College & University Centre at their Awards Ceremony 2024


I was asked to speak and present the awards to the students and I absolutely took the opportunity with both hands, not only am I passionate about education and sharing my craft, but Myerscough really is the crème of the crop in the equestrian industry and beyond. It is such an honour to be recognised and be alongside the best. To have the opportunity to meet and be a part of such a special occasion of celebration and success is a gift. The evening went very smoothly & I think it’s safe to say a wonderful evening was had by all.  The venue was the stunning Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, it is Britain’s biggest Cathedral and the 5th largest in Europe – I have presented in some wonderful places over the past 10 years or so but this venue has to be, architecturally and spiritually, the very best to date. 

Visiting Myerscough Croxteth Campus

 I enjoy visiting Myerscough College and have participated in their Industry week for the past two years. Industry week is a great opportunity for students to connect with notable people in industry to help inform and prepare the students for their next step after finishing college. It is an absolute honour to share my experience and offer guidance during my visits – the students are always so receptive and engaging and it’s a reflection of the wonderful environment they are learning in. If you have ever visited Croxteth Hall you will know just how special the Croxteth Campus of Myerscough is.  If you watch Peaky Blinders, you very well may recognise one of the courtyards as filming took place there for series 4.

There are more photos to follow but for now here are a couple I have to share with you! I have also published the speech below this write up for any students who would like to revisit my words or for those who would like to hear my advice.


 Once again, a HUGE congratulations to all the students that have completed their studies – it was a pleasure to meet each person and I wish you every success in your future, 

The Speech

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,

Firstly, I would like to extend a warm welcome to each and every one of you here tonight, & particularly to the students who have given us an exceptional reason to celebrate in this fabulous venue. 

Tonight’s celebration is a testament to the commitment & dedication that the students have shown throughout their studies.

Sharing this special evening with you is an honour as I feel particularly passionate about education. My name is Melody Hames, although some of you may know me as ‘The Horse Barber’; a brand I built from scratch, and one that has gained global recognition within the equestrian industry. 

This evening, I would like to share some of the wisdom and knowledge that I have gained along my journey, in the hope that I can inspire you to achieve happiness and success in yours. 

I am immensely proud to be recognised as a pathfinder and educator around the globe, for the work I love doing so very much.  From very early on in my career, my project pieces have been recognised as unique and innovative. They have been widely reported in equestrian publications, national & international press. I have always seen myself as an advocate of good practice, fair treatment and education. A few highlights from my career include travelling to America to teach, educational pieces for the BBC, ITV and across the Atlantic on CNN.

This evening, you are walking out of here as alumni of Myerscough. Some of you will be entering employment, some will be starting apprenticeships, and others may continue into further education. No doubt you have made many friends during your time at Myerscough. The path to success is often a lonely one, so where possible, hold on to good friendships and encourage each other with kind words. 

Education is empowering, and you chose to attend one of the country’s top-performing colleges. The bar has been set high, and you have every reason to succeed moving forward. Your journey will take you in unexpected directions as you develop and fulfil your potential.  

After finishing high school, I entered the corporate world in employment. Although the money was good, I spent several years feeling unfulfilled. Some critical things were missing: fulfilment, happiness, and purpose. Thankfully, I made one choice that changed the course of my life completely. I walked away from a well-paid but unfulfilling job, to return to education in the Arts. I pursued a degree in Graphic Design, and although it may seem unrelated to my current business, It has been a key component in the success that has followed. 

The process of learning created a valuable structure and mindset that  is interchangeable across all aspects of my life. I wouldn’t have dreamed that two years after graduating, I would be flying across the world to share horse clipping education in the Midwest of America! Many aspects of my degree have crossed over into my business and been utilised in unexpected ways on a daily basis.

Which brings me to the first of two quotes I want to share with you: 

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” – Albert Einstein. 

The learning you have done at Myerscough will be a valuable resource for your future. It will help you in the most unexpected ways for many years to come. Earlier, I mentioned the word “purpose.” Purpose, in my experience is often found in the form of serving others. In helping others. If this is at the core of what you do, success will surely follow. And this is why I am so passionate about sharing my skills with others. Sharing your specific skill is an act of giving, however it often brings more back to us in abundance. The success and evolution of The Horse Barber brand is largely due to staying true to my core values. If something does not align with my integrity, I will not pursue it. Inner guidance is valuable tool that we can all access, if we just take a moment to connect with it.

I would like to share some key points that I believe are invaluable to progression:

-Don’t limit yourself to a specific outcome. Your essence and light will attract opportunities you couldn’t have predicted. Take them, because they belong to you. 

-Everything you need to succeed already exist within you. 

-Don’t compare yourself to others. Every single one of you sat here this evening have a unique talent and gift to share with the world. Make it your mission to find YOURS and honour it.

-Choose where you spend your time and energy wisely. Energy is the most valuable currency you possess.

-Think positively. We can actually influence the future with our thoughts.

I’d like to finish with another quote by Albert Einstein:

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” 

I chose this quote because it highlights the importance of continuous growth and learning. Often, the most powerful lessons come from making mistakes and difficult experiences. Please don’t spend too long dwelling on them. Mistakes are imperative to the process of success & help to refine and improve us. We learn the lessons and become stronger for them. 


Thank you for listening, I hope you are able to take something away from these words tonight that will help you,  moving forward ,  I wish you all the very best in your future endeavours.


Now, let’s have a fabulous evening!!