1 -1 Clipping Theory Online Training Session

What can I expect? 

An hour personalised 1-1 training session, delivered online via Zoom or similar, in the theory of clipping practices, jam packed full of useful knowledge and skills, delivered by Melody The Horse Barber  (see full details below)

Who is it for?

Online 1-1 Training was initially created for a number of people who require my assistance and training on a tailored level, but who were unable to meet with Melody in person, so offering online sessions mean that people around the world have the opportunity to learn with Melody and improve their skill set & knowledge from a distance. 
The objective of a 1 – 1 Clipping Theory Online Training Session is for you to gain a greater depth of knowledge on the theory and reasoning behind clipping horses and specifically the important aspects to consider for you and your particular horse.  This includes a tailored approach to both your needs and your horses needs. In doing this, the theory training acts like a building block and helps you have a smoother start by expanding your knowledge before picking up the clippers and doing practical training / clipping. It is a good solid foundation for you to begin with as it helps give you a stronger sense of direction and purpose. It is also beneficial for established groomers who wish to elevate their skills and training to a greater level with the help of Melody, whose experience is globally recognised.
With clipping horses and indeed any horse related business or discipline, there is so very much to learn, it is a gradual process and a constant journey of learning. Tuition with The Horse Barber helps to make this process easier, quicker and more successful than doing it alone by sharing her extensive experience in all aspects of clipping. It is a fantastic resource for anybody who is wanting to expand their knowledge, no matter where they are at in their journey.

Are you ready to book an hour online training with Melody ?


It is really simple to do,  all you need to do is click this link and complete an online payment! The training is priced at £85 for an hour and your session can be arranged at a time to suit you, within 6 months of the purchase date! When you have completed your purchase, simply email me with your preferred time and dates and I will send you over a pre-session assessment email to maximise our time , goals and objectives of our session.

I look forward to speaking with you very soon!




Read what people have to say about Melody’s various training & working methods;

Thank you so much for my 1 – 1 Clipping Theory session it was so helpful and I learned a lot about how to look after myself and my future business. I have now ordered the clippers you have sent over to me so they should be here soon! I will definitely like to book in soon for my practical session when you are available. Thank you for giving me more of an understanding towards the horses needs and my own needs when clipping.
I will send over some photos of my first clip once I have got my clippers and have had a try at the task you have set me.
- Talesha Sellars - Midlands

I Had a brilliant first one to one session with the one and only amazingly talented and seriously lovely Melody Hames
I am so grateful and this is just the start of our journey I’ve made a friend and mentor for life in Melody and having the day spent with my best boy who was an absolute superstar bonding was wonderful.
Watch this space! 
- Joanna Walmsley, Essex

Rachel speaking about her beautiful but anxious dressage mare;

“When I bought her it was one question (about clipping) I didn’t ask !! Only to be told later “it’s a vet job !!!!” . A few confidence and technique build-up training sessions with Melody The Horse Barber, lots of patience and mutual trust and I can do her solo now”

- Rachel Wall, Lancashire

Melody used my mare for some case study work on clipping nervous horses. The time she spent with her has made me more aware of not restricting her too much at her head. Whether that is walking from the field to riding. My mare is so much better and I actually achieved a full clip with her a few weeks ago 

- Jo Laycock, Lancashire

Melody I’s not only good at her job she is knowledgeable on different horse coats,eg PPID horses. Nothing is to much trouble for her and if you have any questions or uncertainties Melody will happily chat with you about them.

- Jillian Parkinson, Mottram Tameside

Melody came to my boys and clipped them. I decided after to have a go myself. Was on hand to give advice and tips. Especially a clean coat. But I think her talent is amazing. Her war horse clip that she did in remembrance for all veterans was truly beautiful. Melody is defo the best horse barber and one of a kind

Elise Brown, Clitheroe

I’ve watched Melody florish for many years, and follow her heart and dream. The end result being a true professional in her work. I notice when Melody enters a stable she is touching and talking to your horse, she knows exactly where they are sensitive and deals accordingly. Even whilst clipping she is tapping or stroking your horse as reassurance. As for the clip…. We needed a full clip with blended legs and face. It is perfect. But she still wasn’t finished. Melody went on to give my horse a warm sponge over and wrap her up nice and warm. I really wouldn’t have anyone else. A beautiful, thoughtful lady inside and out.

Suzanne Whitworth, Norden Rochdale